Great for specifications, project updates or reporting documents of any type.

3 simple steps to create client ready documents from your Trello cards.

Step 1

Use Trello as normal

Set up your Trello board(s) as you usually do

  • Use Trello cards for individual items or tasks
  • Use Trello lists to track status/progress of your cards
  • Use Trello labels to identify (or group together) related cards

Step 2

Add clear Trello card Descriptions

Add clear, formatted descriptions to your Trello cards. This is the text that will appear in your lovely, client ready documents

  • The discription on each inidividual card should contain the text that should appear in your document.
  • Use Trello markdown formatting within your description
  • Image attachments to your card will also be included in your documents
  • Comments on the card will not appear in your document, so you can use these for everything that should not be viewed outside the Trello board!

Step 3

Create your wonderful document using

Simply select your board and identify (using labels) the cards that should be included (oe excluded).

  • You will be asked to authorise with your Trello account
  • You can include all cards on the Trello board, or use labels to filter which cards are included or excluded.
  • You can view a live version of your document, which will always be in sync with Trello
  • You can take as many snapshots of the document as you like. Snapshots are versions of your document at a fixed point in time, they can be shared with anyone and used to record milestones, client sign offs and more